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For Immediate Release: October 21, 2002

Media contact:
Doug Osborne, Martinsound, Inc.
(800) 582-3555 ext. 121

Martinsound Introduces MultiMAX EXR and TMH Qualified Products and Shows Full Range of MAX Surround Solutions
New MAX solutions help smooth the transition from stereo to surround production

ALHAMBRA, CA - October 5, 2002 - At AES2002 in Los Angeles, Martinsound (Los Angeles Convention Center, October 5-8, 2002) introduced MultiMAX EXR, a cost-effective version of the popular multiformat monitor controller, and once more presented the entire range of MAX audio solutions. Martinsound's TMH Qualified MAX products, produced in conjunction with Tomlinson Holman and the TMH Corporation, also maked their AES debut.

MultiMAX EXR is a competitively priced version of the popular multiformat surround monitor controller. Martinsound has achieved a cost saving to customers by centralizing all control functions on the full-featured remote controller that is included with MultiMAX EXR as standard. MultiMAX EXR offers all the features and functionality of MultiMAX EX, such as management of multiple loudspeaker systems, including a main system of up to 8 speakers, encoder/decoder monitoring and downmixing.

Martinsound's range of cost-effective TMH Qualified MAX products, produced in conjunction with Tomlinson Holman and the TMH Corporation, make their AES debut this year. TMH Qualified MAX modular units, each intended for a specific application, are marketed and sold worldwide by Martinsound and designed and engineered by surround sound pioneer, Academy Award(r)-winner, and architect of the TMH Qualified standard, Tomlinson Holman.

TMH Qualified MAX products include ManagerMAX Surround 5.1 Bass Management, BalancerMAX Surround 5.1 Systems Interface, MicroPannerMAX Surround 5.0 Panner, and FilterMAX Surround LFE Filter, plus CheckMAX Surround Alignment and Diagnostic Tapes. Whether used singly, cascaded together using the six-channel link connectors, or complementing other Martinsound MAX products, these compact 1U half-rack units offer a cost effective and user-friendly transition to surround sound.

Designed to ease the transition from stereo to surround sound production, Martinsound MAX solutions augment current stereo mixing and monitoring systems and maximize the value of existing production equipment through the addition of multichannel capabilities. On show at AES2002 were the MultiMAX EX Multiformat Monitor Controller, PanMAX Automated Surround Panner, ForMAX Surround Monitoring Formatter, MonitorMAX Stereo Monitor Controller, RecordistMAX Machine Room Monitor Controller and VU Metering Package.

* A key component for transitioning to surround, MultiMAX EX - and the new MultiMAX EXR - adds the critical monitoring features necessary to handle surround projects in formats up to eight channels wide in music production, post production, broadcast and authoring environments.

* The ultimate in analog joystick panning, PanMAX easily handles surround formats of up to eight channels. With stereo source panning, proprietary surround divergence, and a remote that can manage 14 fully automated panners, PanMAX adds dynamic surround panning to any mix system.

* Using an expandable 24-input, eight output reassign matrix, ForMAX makes it a snap to monitor multi-element mixes while conforming them to standard monitor formats. Able to store and recall over 100 factory and user setups, ForMAX guaranties instant changeovers between surround projects.

* MonitorMAX adds stereo source and monitor selection with talkback functions to any studio environment. Designed for integration with DAWs, small mixers, and as an enhancement to surround sound systems utilizing the MultiMAX EX multiformat monitor controller, MonitorMAX provides the essential monitor and talkback functions needed to get the job done.

* RecordistMAX is an expandable monitor mixer with programmable input, sync and playback monitoring. Add in the assignable premix or stem combining, plus an integrated oscillator for offline alignments, and RecordistMAX makes the perfect answer for machine room technicians.

* Mixing in surround demands metering that is meaningful. VuMAX interfaces beautifully with other MAX components to provide an ergonomic display of the absolute reference listening level, as only VU meters can.

The Martech MSS-10 Natural Sound Microphone Preamplifier was also featured. The preamp of choice for the audio elite seeking the mythical straight wire with gain, the MSS-10 faithfully reproduces every detail of the original sound without introducing any artifacts, capturing what we call Natural Sound. The real magic of the MSS-10 is that it does absolutely nothing.

About Martinsound, Inc:
Martinsound has been a leader in the professional audio industry since 1975. Significant milestones include the company's beginning - and continuation - as a successful recording studio, development of the legendary Flying Faders console automation system, as well as today's Martech MSS-10 Microphone Preamplifier and innovative line of MAX surround sound solutions. In these products, Martinsound has implemented its Just Mix and Natural Sound philosophies to help further the science, technology and art of high performance audio production.

A high-resolution TIFF image of MultiMAX EXR may be downloaded at
A high-resolution TIFF image of the complete range of MAX surround solutions may be found on the Martinsound website at http://www.martinsound.com/pr_mxf.htm

Media contact:
Doug Osborne
Martinsound, Inc.
Tel: (800) 582-3555 ext. 121
Outside USA: +1 (626) 281-3555 ext. 121

Web: www.martinsound.com

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