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Press & Media Information

For Immediate Release: June 19, 2000

Media contact:
Doug Osborne, Martinsound, Inc.
(800) 582-3555 ext. 121

The SteakhouseSizzles With Flying Faders
Studio upgrades with the world's most requested motor fader automation

Alhambra, Cal.- The Steakhouse Studio, North Hollywood, CA, has installed 56 channels of Martinsound's Flying Faders on its classic EMI Neve console. Now in its twelfth year of production, the Flying Faders system continues to be in such demand by engineers worldwide that it has become the only rational choice for console owners who are considering adding genuine fader automation. As Rick Bench, a partner in The Steakhouse Studio, comments, "It was the only system that had any impact on my clients. It was the only logical choice."

Flying Faders' easy-to-use interface has earned it the title of the 'Just Mix' system, and demand for it is so great that the installation at The Steakhouse was barely finished before the first session began. The debut project featured Japanese recording artist, Masami Okui. Okui is a prolific singer well-known for her work in Japanese anime films such as Slayers, and was at the studio to record three new songs, including a single, 'Turning Point.' A Japanese film crew recorded the event for a forthcoming music video release.

Steve Lukather (guitar), Billy Sheehan (bass), Joshua Eagan (drums) and Karl Eagan (keyboards) joined Okui, her producer, and a number of Japanese musicians on the session. Lukather is also one of the owners of the studio, which was originally established by Rick and Lee Bench. The brothers engineered the sessions, together with Rex Coggins. Lukather has produced a variety of projects at the studio over the years, including his own solo recordings and sessions by Jeff Beck.

Geoff Tanner of Phoenix Audio performed the console refit, and reports that the Steakhouse's EMI Neve is the only vintage Neve console worldwide to incorporate a fully featured Flying Faders control panel, modified from an AMS Neve V3 module. Tanner, who worked with Rupert Neve for many years, constructed the console from two 24-channel EMI Neve frames, completely gutting and restructuring the chassis to add an additional 8-channel section and to fit two rows of 12 tape returns. The result is a configuration of 56 inputs, with 24 buses, 24 tape returns, and 12 effects returns, providing a total of 92 inputs.

The Steakhouse Studio is part of the Benchmark Media Center located in the NOHO Arts District in Los Angeles. The complex also houses post production, composition, and voiceover suites.

Studio contact: Rick Bench thesteakhouse.geo@yahoo.com www.benchmark-realty.com/studio/steakhouse.html

Martinsound is a California-based manufacturer of professional audio equipment for experts in the fields of recording, post production, and broadcast.

Media contact:
Doug Osborne
Martinsound, Inc.
Tel: (800) 582-3555 ext. 121
Outside USA: +1 (626) 281-3555 ext. 121

Web: www.martinsound.com

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