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Press & Media Information

For Immediate Release: July 21, 2000

Media contact:
Doug Osborne, Martinsound, Inc.
(800) 582-3555 ext. 121

Martinsound Shows How to Maximize Mixing Console Investment
Surround monitor products and high-end mic preamp extend the functionality of stereo consoles and workstations, improving quality and efficiency, and allowing existing stereo equipment to be used for surround sound projects.

NASHVILLE, TN - Martinsound, Inc. is exhibiting a range of audio products designed to help studios attract more business and maximize their profits at the NAMM Summer Session 2000 (Booth #5218, Pro Audio & Lighting Arena, Nashville Convention Center). Martinsound's MAX surround monitoring components and Modular Studio Series (MSS) recording products provide pro audio retailers with a fully featured, cost effective means to upgrade their clients' studios by increasing the functionality of existing stereo mixing consoles and digital audio workstations (DAWs).

As their business grows, owners can extend the functionality of their equipment to better handle surround sound projects by installing the MultiMAX EX multiformat monitor controller and adding the ForMAX monitor formatter and VuMAX meter package. The MultiMAX EX and optional remote seamlessly integrate with any existing stereo mixing console or DAW, adding extensive multichannel functionality by augmenting the monitor section to provide management of multiple loudspeaker systems, surround encoder and decoder monitoring, downmix compatibility checks, and monitor system calibration. Downmix compatibility and quality checks are facilitated through single pushbutton operations.

New to retailers at the NAMM Summer Session 2000 will be the SB-16 output balancing option for MultiMAX and MultiMAX EX. The SB-16 differentially balances MultiMAX's 16 monitor outputs and brings the levels to a true +4dB, providing an elegant installation solution and offering seamless integration with existing audio equipment. MultiMAX EX adds control of up to 4 loudspeaker systems, and will handle a surround monitor system of up to 8 speakers configured as 3 or 5 front channels with 2, 3, or 4 surround channels.

ForMAX may be added to MultiMAX EX to provide monitor formatting for those studios seeking an inexpensive upgrade to more sophisticated film-style mixing functionality. ForMAX is a 48-input surround monitor formatter incorporating a programmable 24x8 crosspoint matrix. It stores and recalls routing and surround format setups, allowing the instant reset of recorder, console, and monitor assignments. Up to 5 ForMAX units may be added to MultiMAX EX to manage up to 120 playback and 120 direct input sources.

VuMAX is a precision VU metering package that further augments MultiMAX EX and ForMAX to provide mixing systems with integrated metering for all current surround sound production formats.

The Martech MSS-10 'Natural Sound' microphone preamplifier may be added to any console or DAW and offers performance and quality that exceeds even the best tube or discrete units, introducing a new category of mic preamp that is in a class by itself. The MSS-10 allows engineers to faithfully capture the natural sound of their microphones, or the natural sound of the artist, which means that they no longer have to waste time correcting the character and coloration that is typically introduced by other mic preamps during tracking and mixing.

Martinsound, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of specialized audio products for experts in the fields of music recording, broadcast, and post production.

Media contact:
Doug Osborne
Martinsound, Inc.
Tel: (800) 582-3555 ext. 121
Outside USA: +1 (626) 281-3555 ext. 121

Web: www.martinsound.com

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