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Press & Media Information

For Immediate Release: April 10, 2000

Media contact:
Doug Osborne, Martinsound, Inc.
(800) 582-3555 ext. 121

Martinsound Introduces MultiMAX Upgrade & New Products for Film-Style Surround Sound Mixing
MultiMAX is enhanced with the introduction of formatting & metering products

Alhambra, Cal.-- At NAB 2000 (Las Vegas Convention Center, April 10-13) Martinsound (Booth # R582) is introducing MultiMAX EX, an upgrade for the popular multiformat monitor controller. MultiMAX EX interfaces with existing stereo consoles and workstations to control up to 8 speaker channels, configured as 3 or 5 front monitor channels with 2, 3 or 4 rear surround channels. Two new products, the ForMAX surround monitor formatter and VuMAX meter display, offer resettable formatting and precise multichannel metering, and may be integrated with MultiMAX EX to accommodate film-style surround sound monitoring.

The EX upgrade for MultiMAX is new at NAB 2000 and is being introduced in response to the development of new audio production formats incorporating additional rear surround channels, including Dolby Digital-Surround EX. MultiMAX EX seamlessly integrates with existing stereo mixing systems to control multiple speaker systems and provide extensive multiformat surround monitoring functionality. MultiMAX EX facilitates quick and easy downmix compatibility and quality checks via single pushbutton operations. The EX upgrade is also available to users of the original MultiMAX.

ForMAX, a programmable 48-input, 24x8 surround monitor formatter, makes its debut to broadcasters at NAB 2000. Intended for busy production and post production facilities, ForMAX stores and recalls many different routing and surround format setups, allowing the instant reset of recorder, console and monitor assignments, and permitting fast, accurate changeovers between projects. ForMAX affords a repeatable, accurate method for reformatting surround sound projects to the house standard and may be connected to each of MultiMAX's 5 Wide Inputs to manage input selection from a maximum 120 playback and 120 direct sources for the simultaneous monitoring of multiple premixes or stems.

Martinsound is also introducing VuMAX, a precision VU metering package that, in combination with MultiMAX EX and ForMAX, further augments stereo mixing systems to provide integrated monitoring, metering and film-style mixing functionality in all current surround sound production formats. The unit features 8 precision VU meters, lights and buffering circuitry, and may be added singly or in multiples to provide level display of the 8 monitor sources selected by MultiMAX EX or the 24 recorder/mix (PEC/Direct) selections to ForMAX's reassign matrix.

Martinsound, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of specialized audio products for experts in the fields of recording, post production, mastering and broadcast.

Media contact:
Doug Osborne
Martinsound, Inc.
Tel: (800) 582-3555 ext. 121
Outside USA: +1 (626) 281-3555 ext. 121

Web: www.martinsound.com

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