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Press & Media Information

For Immediate Release: January 10, 2000

Media contact:
Doug Osborne, Martinsound, Inc.
(800) 582-3555 ext. 121

MultiMAX Is On The Right Track
Award-winning New York City recording studio adds surround monitor controller

Alhambra, Cal.--Rather than purchase surround monitoring control panels from the manufacturers to retrofit to its mixing consoles, Right Track Recording (New York, NY) has instead upgraded to 5.1 with the addition of Martinsound's MultiMAX. "It's a beautiful thing," says Right Track's chief technician, Dominic Costanza, commenting on the popular multiformat monitor controller.

"Ninety percent of our work is stereo," reports Costanza. "For the amount of surround work we are currently doing it doesn't make sense to buy the console upgrades. MultiMAX gives us all the options we ever need for 90% of our surround requirements. If we need to get slicker we can always add the remote and ForMAX, which handles everything MultiMAX doesn't." ForMAX is Martinsound's new programmable 24 input, 8 output reassign matrix. Up to five ForMAX units may be linked to a single MultiMAX.

Right Track's MultiMAX is moved from room to room and patched into the studio's SSL or AMS Neve consoles as necessary. "We use standard TASCAM D-sub cables to XLRs and patch to the console patchbay. It interfaces beautifully; it's just not a problem," enthuses Costanza. MultiMAX will interface between any stereo mixing console and multiple surround speaker systems to add extensive monitoring functions in 8-channel, 7.1, 5.1 and LCRS formats, as well as stereo and mono. User-selectable downmix options in MultiMAX provide confidence monitoring in all formats to ensure backward compatibility of surround mixes on any playback system.

MultiMAX's usefulness extends beyond the control room. "Phil Ramone used the unit on a project recently," notes Costanza. "He set up in Studio A's live room with a big couch and some DA-88s, and listened to 5.1 mixes just using MultiMAX to control the levels." MultiMAX also augmented Studio A's AMS Neve Capricorn console during tracking sessions for Carter Burwell's 'Three Kings' motion picture score, with Michael Farrow engineering, and was used during recent DVD-Video mix sessions for Meatloaf ('Storytellers') and Pavarotti ('Pavarotti & Friends 1999').

Right Track Recording is a three-room complex located just steps from Times Square in the heart of Manhattan. It won the TEC Award for Outstanding Institutional Achievement in 1999, and has hosted many platinum and gold album and Grammy Award-winning sessions since opening twenty years ago.

Martinsound, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of specialized audio products for experts in the fields of recording, post production, mastering and broadcast.

Media contact:
Doug Osborne
Martinsound, Inc.
Tel: (800) 582-3555 ext. 121
Outside USA: +1 (626) 281-3555 ext. 121

Web: www.martinsound.com

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Right Track Recording
Dominic Costanza
(212) 944-5770


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