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For Immediate Release: September 24, 1999

Media contact:
Doug Osborne, Martinsound, Inc.
(800) 582-3555 ext. 121

Spotlighting The 'Just Mix' Design Philosophy
Preserving Studio Investment with Flying Faders & MultiMAX

Alhambra, Cal. - Martinsound, Inc. are spotlighting their 'Just Mix' design philosophy at the AES 107th Convention in New York, September 24-27, 1999 on booth # 257. At this year's AES Convention Martinsound is placing an emphasis on Flying Faders mixing console motorized fader automation and the MultiMAX multichannel monitor controller, two products that offer powerful features yet a simplicity of use that allows the engineer to 'Just Mix.'

The intuitive user interfaces of both Flying Faders and MultiMAX grant the engineer total creative freedom without any distractions. The key operations of both systems are always at the engineer's fingertips, not buried layers deep in menus and submenus, while the user interface always presents a clear visual indication of the current system status and operating mode.

For the majority of studios the mixing console represents the biggest investment in any one piece of equipment. Martinsound is offering these two products to help preserve that investment, allowing facilities to increase their revenue stream and realize the full potential of the console while also freeing the engineer from time-consuming, mundane operational tasks, allowing him or her free reign to exercise their creativity and artistry.

Flying Faders has become the de facto standard for console motor fader automation, and the benchmark against which all other systems are judged. Its popularity and prevalence have led to it becoming the generic term for all motorized fader systems. Initially designed as a component part of a virtual mixing system, the thoroughly researched, solid design principles of Flying Faders attracted customers from its introduction. As Joe Martinson, president of Martinsound, reports, "By the end of that first year we had already built 85 systems. We were shipping one system a day! We had a hard time building systems fast enough."

A global exclusive marketing agreement with Neve Consoles (later AMS Neve) for installation in their V Series desks helped Flying Faders gain popularity in world class studios everywhere. But in June 1999 that exclusive arrangement came to an end, freeing Martinsound to sell, manufacture and further develop Flying Faders without any constraints. Improvements to the system have already begun, with developments planned for the future to include automatic backup to the hard drive of the RAM-based mix data, the ability to store the entire mix/pass tree, plus new trim and mute modes.

The first two Flying Faders systems were delivered to Powertrax (Hollywood, Cal.) and Groovemasters (Santa Monica, Cal.) late in 1988. Many studios followed suit, recognizing the ability of the system to attract customers and enhance their facility's reputation, while maintaining low operating costs. Jimmy Sloan, manager of King Sound (Los Angeles, Cal.), in 1998 noted, "Before we installed Flying Faders we were booked about 60%. Now we're at 100%." Ted Greenberg of Big Zone Recording (Conshohocken, Penn.) explains his decision to add the system: "I looked at other systems, but for my clients it was Flying Faders or don't bother. Besides, it's so easy to use. You just mix."

The ACX (Automated Console Expander) from Martinsound is an automated 'sidecar' that will instantly expand any Flying Faders system. Many studios cannot fit a larger console into their control room, so the space-efficient frame of the ACX provides an economical way to increase the potential of the console and preserve the studio's investment, while presenting the engineer with a familiar interface that doesn't get in the way of the creative process. The ACX may be fully integrated with the solo and output buses of any Flying Faders-automated console, presenting the engineer with a seamless continuation of the mixing surface. The ACX is included in global solo and group assignments; mix data for the console and expander are saved as a single file.

MultiMAX was introduced in response to the demands of the burgeoning market for surround sound production. The unit has been developed to assist facilities in their transition to surround sound mixing, whether they are diversifying or simply seeking a temporary solution to an immediate requirement. MultiMAX has been designed as a cost-effective solution and an alternative to expensive mixing console upgrades. It will augment the stereo monitor section of any mixing console to provide the comprehensive monitoring functions and features required in multichannel surround sound production.

MultiMAX will integrate with any console to add monitoring for 8-channel surround, 7.1, 5.1 and LCRS, with precise level control of multiple speaker systems. The 1U box can be located near to the engineer for easy access to the front panel controls, or the optional remote panel may be installed close at hand. An easy-to-read LCD readout of the current mode and clear LED indication of the signal flow provide the engineer with all the information he needs at a glance. Concise menus permit fast, repeatable setups.

The ability of MultiMAX to monitor the signal at every step of the surround mixing operation with simple switch selection frees the engineer to concentrate on the creative process. The most comprehensive format compatibility and quality control review functions available are only a button push away. Downmixing coefficients and an LFE filter may be easily introduced to replicate the encoding process and allow the engineer to maximize his balance prior to processing. MultiMAX will further speed up the surround sound mixing session through its user-friendly calibration procedures using the built-in pink noise generator, significantly reducing setup time and minimizing the loss of studio revenue through downtime.


Martinsound, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of specialized audio products for experts in the fields of music recording, broadcast and post production. Joe Martinson founded the company in the early '70s as a freelance recording service. The company has been at its present 22,000 square-foot facility in Alhambra, California since 1975.

Representing the company at the 107th AES Convention are:
* Chris Walsh, VP of Sales
* Shawn Michael, VP of Product Development
* Steve Harvey, Press Relations

Press contacts:

Media contact:
Doug Osborne
Martinsound, Inc.
Tel: (800) 582-3555 ext. 121
Outside USA: +1 (626) 281-3555 ext. 121

Web: www.martinsound.com

Martinsound's website incorporates a Press & Media section (www.martinsound.com/infoPress.htm) designed especially for editors and writers. New press releases are posted regularly and are archived conveniently by topic. The site includes images targeted for printing.

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