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Do Surround Sound On Your Existing Equipment MultiMAX EX
Multiformat Monitor Controller Family
Learn the benefits and features from the text version below or download a PDF identical to our glossy printed version with additional graphics and block diagram.
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Do Surround Now
The MultiMAX EX Family of Multiformat Monitor Controllers adds surround sound monitoring to your console or workstation. Whether you work in music, film or television, in production, post or mastering, you need to be able to cope with the current surround sound formats. MultiMAX EX handles anything from Dolby Stereo to SDDS, including the popular Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS formats for DVD, plus HDTV, DTV and many more. Don't change your console, just add MultiMAX.

Replace Your Console's Monitor Section
MultiMAX EX replaces your console's monitor section, providing surround sound mix bus monitoring, as well as downmixing, encoder sends and decoder returns. MultiMAX EX does all this and still lets you listen to your console, so you can check PFL or external sources with just the push of a button. And like your console you have tape/bus monitoring, source selection, level, mute and dim control.

Be Confident Your Mixes Will Survive Downmixing
MultiMAX EX folds down your multichannel mixes so you can hear how they will sound on other playback systems. Your HDTV broadcast will also be heard in stereo or mono by consumers. Your DVD mixes, too. You need to be sure your multichannel mix will still sound great on systems with fewer playback channels. MultiMAX EX even lets you format the stereo downmix, so you can generate stereo reference copies.

Free Surround Sound Reports
With the right information you can confidently add surround sound capabilities to your facility. Request your free copies of 'Secrets Of Doing Surround Sound On Your Existing Console' and 'A VU To Downmixing'. Phone us now at (800) 582-3555 or visit our website at

Powerful Surround Sound Multiformat Monitor Controller

Block Diagram

Comprehensive Control of Multiple Surround Formats
MultiMAX EX gives you monitoring control of these formats:

Discrete 8, 7.1, 6.1, 5.1, or LCRS
Dolby® Digital (AC-3)
Dolby® Digital-Surround EX
Dolby® E
Dolby® Surround (Pro Logic®)
RSP® Circle Surround

Comprehensive Control of Multiple Speaker Systems
MultiMAX EX has 16 speaker outputs with individual trims as well as a master level control. The main speaker system supports 8, 7.1, 6.1, 5.1 and LCRS formats. A split alternate speaker system allows independent front and surround selections. The alternate LCR front speaker system automatically downmixes 7.1 to 5.1. The alternate surround system makes it easy to select between diffuse and point-source surrounds. MultiMAX EX supports Dolby Digital-Surround EX™ by utilizing the unused LC/RC speaker outputs for main and alternate Center Surround (CS) speakers. Separate stereo nearfield and mono TV speaker systems make compatibility checking a snap. You can instantly select any of these speaker setups.

A Complete Monitoring Solution
MultiMAX EX is not just a powerful speaker controller. Its features give you control of the entire monitoring process, and include:
- A built-in noise generator to help you calibrate your monitors.
- Master Mute and variable Dim controls.
- Individual monitor Source On or Solo control.
- Insertable LFE filter, allowing you to hear what the .1 of your 5.1 mix will really sound like on the final product.
- Digitally controlled attenuators rather than VCAs to ensure tracking accuracy and the best sonic quality.
- New features including an SPL Display Range mode, an extension of the monitor level range by 30 dB and the addition of a Wide Inputs Interlock mode.

MultiMAX handles these monitoring tasks and more:
- Monitor the Wide Inputs mixer, which can combine up to 5 different multichannel mixes, each up to 8 channels wide, for up to 40 inputs in total. The Wide Inputs mixer has its own output in discrete wide format (up to 8 channels), as well as downmixed LCRS, for connection to encode/decode processors.
- Monitor downward compatibility of the Wide Inputs mix by selecting Downmix or Mono. The user-formattable stereo downmix (Lo Ro) even has its own continuously available output so you can generate a reference copy for the client on the fly.
- Monitor another multichannel source. It may be formatted differently than the Wide Inputs, for 8, 7.1, 6.1, 5.1 or LCRS, to accommodate the return of an encode/decode processor.
- Monitor sources such as the stereo-compatible matrix-encoded mix (Lt Rt) from the processor or a client's stereo reference. Selecting Mono gives instant feedback of downward compatibility at the push of a button.
- Monitor your console's stereo or 4-channel monitor speaker outputs. You can interface MultiMAX EX to your console's logic system, allowing any PFL/AFL selection to automatically over-ride the current monitor source.
- Monitor a production track without it appearing in the assorted mixes within MultiMAX EX . It even has its own level control. Just what the scoring engineer ordered!

Smooth upgrade path to a film-style monitoring system
ForMAX and VuMAX are other Martinsound products that add resettable formatting and metering to create monitoring systems with the functionality of very expensive post consoles. ForMAX and VuMAX integrate easily with MultiMAX EX .
- ForMAX: Programmable 48-input 24x8 surround monitor formatter. ForMAX stores and recalls many different routing and surround format setups, allowing instant reset of recorder, console and monitor assignments. Add up to five ForMAX units to one MultiMAX EX for a total of 120 playback and 120 direct input sources.
- VuMAX: Comprises eight precision VU meters, lights and buffering circuitry in a 4RU housing, providing visual indication of MultiMAX EX and ForMAX source selection levels.

MultiMAX Configurations
MultiMAX EX: Easy to use controls and a LCD graphics display are integrated the front panel of the 1U rack mount MultiMAX controller.

MultiMAX EX Remote: An optional accessory that duplicates the MultiMAX EX front panel controls and adds a dedicated level control for the production track. Available as either a desktop box or panel.

MultiMAX EXR: Identical to the MultiMAX EX controller without front panel controls. Special bundle price includes the desktop remote. Ideal for  remote only control applications where the duplicate controls would be an unnecessary expense.


SB-16: Option that differentially balances MultiMAX's 16 monitor outputs and brings the levels to a true +4dB.

MAX Cables: Professional molded Tascam format analog interface cables make installation of MAX products a snap.

Get more Information: Manuals, Free Surround Reports and Articles.

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