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Add Surround Sound Monitoring to Your Console or WorkstationMultiMAX EX
Multiformat Monitor Controller Family
A key component for transitioning to surround, MultiMAX EX or EXR adds the critical monitoring features needed to handle all of the current surround formats used in music production, post production, broadcast and authoring environments. 
Rent Buy Demo Overview | Download PDF

Even the latest workstations are missing certain crucial features for surround production, which is why Novastar in Hollywood integrated MultiMAX with the Digidesign Pro Control on their main mixing stage. 

MultiMAX handling the demanding monitoring functions of mastering rooms, such as Future Disc in Los Angeles.

It complements the latest high-end digital console technology. Sound On Sound in New York used one with their AMS Neve Capricorn. 

You can add surround monitoring to your existing console. Sound Castle in Los Angeles custom integrated MultiMAX into their SSL 4000 G Plus Classic analog console. 

MultiMAX EX or EXR handles anything from Dolby Stereo to SDDS, including the popular Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS formats for DVD, plus Dolby EX, HDTV, DTV and many more. You don't have to replace your console or workstation to embrace surround, just add MultiMAX. 

MultiMAX EX Overview | Download PDF
An overview  of the benefits and features. 

MultiMAX EX Manual | Download PDF
Comprehensive User Manual (68 pages)

Report: Surround Sound Secrets
Secrets of doing surround sound projects in a variety of formats with your existing console or workstation.

Reach For Your Surround Potential
by Steve Harvey
Martinsound’s retrofit surround monitoring products offer a smooth and cost-effective upgrade path to powerful film style systems.

Maximize Your Existing Console
by Greg Thompson
Attract more business and increase your profit by extending the functionality of your existing console.

MultiMAX and Surround Sound Profits
by Steve Harvey
How MultiMAX overcomes the limitations of your existing console and enables confident production of surround sound mixes in many different formats.

Each MultiMAX Is Rigorously Tested
by Mike Somers
The testing system was designed and built to thoroughly test each and every MultiMAX we ship.

Add Surround Sound To Your Facility
by Joe Martinson
Surround sound monitoring is a challenge for audio facilities of all kinds. MultiMAX can be used for film and TV production, recording studios, mastering, digital TV distribution networks, product QC, and multimedia and game production.

Do Surround Projects
by Craig Connally
Use your existing console for surround sound projects. The key is controlling LCRS, 7.1, 5.1 and other monitor setups using MultiMAX.

Dean Hovey
"People at home can be assured they are listening to our mix in the highest audio quality. This would be a time consuming process if not for the MultiMAX."
New Standard Post - Director of Sound

How New Standard Post uses MultiMAX

NAMM Summer Session 2000 Press Release
Martinsound Demonstrates the Means to Maximize Mixing Console Investment

NAB 2000 - Las Vegas Press Release
Martinsound Introduces MultiMAX Upgrade & New Products for Film-Style Surround Sound Mixing

3 Feb 2000 Press Release
Martinsound Introduces MultiMAX EX & Expands Options

5 Nov 1999 Press Release
MultiMAX Posts Strong Nationwide Sales

5 Nov 1999 Press Release
MultiMAX Enhancements Announced

1 Sep 1999 Press Release
MultiMAX Will Save You Money

Audio Media magazine June 2000
MultiMAX review by Doug Mitchell

Studio Sound June 1999
MultiMAX review by Rob James

Mix Magazine March 1999
MultiMAX review by John Jaszcz

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