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Powerful Monitoring for Your Production System MonitorMAX 
Stereo Monitor Controller
Learn the benefits and features from the text version below or download a PDF identical to our glossy printed version with additional graphics and block diagram.
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Dual Stereo Monitor Controller with Independent Source Selects, Playback Levels, and Talkback Control 

The Missing Link 
MonitorMAX adds the missing monitor interface for modern day DAW production systems without the real estate of a mixing console. Not just a volume knob, MonitorMAX provides two separate monitor paths with independent selection of up to ten external stereo sources and calibrated level control. 

Take A Listen 
Source selection for either monitor path may be configured as adding or interlocking. Perfect for generating multi-source cue feeds. 

Can We Talk? 
Need to talk to the talent? You can with the built-in talkback system in MonitorMAX. Plus, the talkback facilities can be reconfigured allowing either or both monitor paths to be used as cue feeds if required. Talkback mic preamp included! 

Integrates Tightly with MultiMAX EX 
MonitorMAX expands the capabilities of MultiMAX EX providing additional stereo inputs to your surround sound monitoring system, while adding cue and loudspeaker feeds with talkback for live rooms, voiceover booths or other production environments. Free Surround Sound Report With the right information you can confidently add surround sound capabilities to your production environment. Request your free copy of Surround Sound Secrets. Phone us now at (800)582-3555 or visit our website at www.martinsound.com.

Stereo Monitor & Cue Control plus Talkback 
without a Console

MonitorMAX Stereo Monitor Controller 
The advent of the home studio and DAW challenged the requirement that successful audio productions must be done on large mixing consoles. However, many mixers and digital audio workstations, even when equipped with a mix control surface, are ill equipped for properly handling music recording and postproduction environments, especially when a separate ‘live ’ room for musicians, Foley artists or voice talent is involved. 

The center section of large consoles is reserved for the most important function, monitor control. The ability to select between multiple sources, various speakers, and control level while remaining in the sweet spot is essential in determining the quality of your production. And quite possibly an important feature missing from your DAW. 

Also,  artists need to be able to monitor themselves and others involved in a recording, as well as hear instructions and comments from the engineer or producer. Cue control and talkback is a must for getting the job done when others are involved. Yet many DAWs and small consoles lack the rudimentary functionality required. 

Recognizing these needs, Martinsound has developed MonitorMAX, a dual stereo monitor controller that adds stereo source and monitor selection with talkback functions to any studio environment. Designed for integration with DAWs, small mixers, and as an enhancement to surround sound systems utilizing the MultiMAX EX multiformat monitor controller, MonitorMAX provides the essential monitor and talkback functions needed to get the job done. 

Add More Stereo Sources and Outputs to the Monitor System 
The MonitorMAX system comprises a single-space rack- mounting unit housing all of the necessary interface connections and electronics, including a talkback microphone preamplifier, plus a remote controller. The remote features Monitor and Cue routing switches for up to 10 stereo sources, talkback, and level controls, plus a LCD window to display levels, mode information, and Setup menus. 

Eight professional and two consumer level stereo sources can be connected to MonitorMAX. Sensitivity of the consumer inputs can be adjusted within a setup menu from 6 to 26dB of gain in 0.1dB increments, allowing a wide range of consumer equipment to be interfaced. 

MonitorMAX enables independent routing of all 10 stereo sources to the separate Monitor and Cue paths, using two banks of 10 switches. Source selection for either path can be additive or interlocking (canceling the previous selection), so that any number of sources may be selected and monitored in the control room or routed to studio headphones or loudspeakers. The Monitor path includes a stereo output that may be used as a record or meter feed. 

Mute, Dim and Mono switches are provided for the Monitor output, together with switch selection of an alternate pair of control room monitors, while the Cue output includes a Mute switch. Separate rotary level controls are included for the Monitor and Cue outputs. The Monitor rotary control is also used when accessing Setup menus.

Add Talkback to Your Studio
 Pressing the large, easy-to-reach Talkback switch dims cue output by 20dB while activating the talkback microphone. The flexibility of the system even allows both monitor paths to be configured as cue feeds with independent talkback level and the Alt Monitor output handling studio loudspeakers. Plus the Talkback switch and twin talkback logic inputs can be individually setup to route talkback just where you want it. 

Powerful Integration with MultiMAX EX 
MultiMAX EX adds the critical monitoring features necessary to handle surround projects in music production, post production, and broadcast environments. MonitorMAX further enhances the power of MultiMAX by providing additional stereo monitor inputs and extra stereo monitor paths to surround production systems. With MultiMAX ’s Downmix output connected as an input source and MonitorMAX ’s talkback sense controlling MultiMAX ’s external dim logic, MonitorMAX readily outputs your surround mix as stereo cue feeds with talkback for the talent or stereo monitoring in other production rooms, making for a very tightly integrated system. 

The MAX Family of Solutions 
Martinsound ’s MAX family of multichannel and surround solutions can be added in any combination to your existing production system to extend its capabilities, allowing you to diversify and attract more business. So,whether you require stereo monitoring in a standalone product or as part of a comprehensive surround sound add-on system for music recording, post production, broadcast or live performance, MonitorMAX helps you preserve your existing investment. Phone us now at (800)582-3555 or visit our website at www.martinsound.com for more information on the MAX family of surround solutions.

MAX Cables are professional molded Tascam format analog interface cables make installation of MAX products a snap.

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