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Bass Management 
Done Right
Surround 5.1 Bass Management
Manager MAX adjusts to your choice of monitors, with six variable filters to optimize the transition from the main speakers to the subwoofer, delivering exceptionally smooth bass extension. 
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Overcome the shortcoming of typical Bass Management 
Bass management is critical in overcoming the inherent shortcomings of low frequency reproduction in typical 5.1 listening environments. Even in the control room, high-end full range monitors may benefit from the redirection of subsonic information to a subwoofer that is positioned for optimal low frequency reproduction at the mix position. And as every home theater system 5.1 decoder incorporates bass management, it is critical to utilize it during the production process. ManagerMAX does bass management right, utilizing five continuously adjustable 2nd order high-pass filters that work synergistically with the natural roll-off of your speakers, along with a six-position 4th order low-pass filter for the redirected low frequencies. A defeatable LFE filter is included that emulates the typical brick-wall filtering in digital surround encoders, making it easy to audition the effect of the LFE encoding process. The redirected bass and LFE channel are summed, giving consideration for the in-band gain required for the LFE, making it a snap to setup the subwoofer. Accurate 5.1 surround sound monitoring is an easy reality with ManagerMAX. 

Designed in conjunction with the TMH Corporation and Tomlinson Holman, the architect of the TMH Qualified standard, ManagerMAX is one of a series of affordable TMH Qualified modular units, each designed for a specific application. Whether used singly, cascaded together using the six-channel link connectors, or complementing other MAX products, these compact 1U half-rack units will extend the capabilities or your its existing production system, allowing you to diversify and attract more business. So, whether you require a specific standalone solution or want to increase the capabilities of a comprehensive music recording, post production, or broadcast surround sound system, TMH Qualified MAX products help you preserve your existing investment.

MX-ACC-5R breakout box makes it easy to interface ManagerMAX to pro-sumer equipment.  This  simple, affordable solution allows Recording Studios, Post-Production Facilities, or Systems Integrators to use  ManagerMAX  by adapting either the input or output 5.1 Mini-Din -10 dbV connector to 6 Phono connectors.   

MAX Cables are professional molded Tascam format analog interface cables make installation of MAX products a snap. 

TMH Qualified MAX Overview |
Download PDF
An overview  of the benefits and features of ManagerMAX, BalancerMAX, MicroPannerMAX, FilterMAX and CheckMAX . 

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