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Quickly Recall Multiple Mix-to-Monitor Formats ForMAX
Surround Monitor Formatter
Learn the benefits and features from the text version below or download a PDF identical to our glossy printed version with additional graphics and block diagram.
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Quickly Recall Multiple Mix-to-Monitor Formats

If a project comes in the door with a track layout that doesn't conform to your standard, you can rewire, repatch, or get ForMAX! A simple and cost effective way to instantly reassign any mix bus or its associated track to any of eight monitor positions.

Powerful Surround Monitoring Formatter
The recent advances in discrete surround sound audio for the consumer market have given professional recording and post facilities the daunting task of upgrading their rooms to handle multi-channel audio, or be swept into stereo oblivion. The preferred method of upgrading is to augment the currently installed multi-track console rather than replace it with a console built for film mixing. Martinsound responded to this initial challenge with MultiMAX, a surround sound, multi-format, monitoring controller at an affordable price. With the addition of surround sound monitors, facilities that have traditionally worked only in stereo are now doing surround mixing!

As facilities expand into the world of multi-channel surround sound, new business opportunities are being seen. The hard lines drawn between music recording, post production, and film dubbing, are quickly fading. And along with multi-channel mixing comes a plethora of multi-channel mix formats. It's impossible to quickly accommodate non-standard channel assignments and multiple surround sound formats with connector panels and patchbays. Although some formats have fixed channel assignments, busy facilities need a more flexible way to connect consoles and recorders to MultiMAX. Recognizing the realities of surround sound facilities, Martinsound introduces ForMAX, a surround monitoring formatter.

In the world of stereo there is left and there is right, odd and even, channel one and channel two. But in multi-channel surround sound mixing there can be 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 mix channels. There may be 3 or 5 channels in the front. There may be 2, 3, or 4 channels in the surrounds. We all know channel one should be left, but should channel two be right or center or maybe left/center. And how about channel three, and four, etc. Professional organizations such as SMPTE are trying to establish standardized track layouts, but with 12 (!) potential speaker positions between the various formats and 4,5,6,7, or 8 mix channels, plus premixes or stems, routing can become a nightmare!

ForMAX is Martinsound's answer to this logistical problem. A companion product to MultiMAX, ForMAX takes the current client's mix to recorder assignments and formats it to the house multi-channel monitoring standard. MultiMAX can then correctly steer the audio to the selected monitor setup. But this is only one of the many features of ForMAX!

You have the freedom to create, store, and instantly recall many different formats, reassignments, and setups, providing quick and faultless transitions between clients. With 24 mix bus inputs and 24 recorder return inputs, ForMAX gives you individual Direct/Playback selection for each input of the 24 In by 8 Out crosspoint summing matrix, providing for easy stem mixing. Up to five ForMAX units can be connected to one Multimax for a total of 120 Direct and 120 Playback inputs! The LCD display shows all of the formatting assignments, as well as providing access to the various setup menus. Advanced Mute and Solo features are included, providing exceptional functionality.

Adding the optional ForMAX Paddle Switches to your console and the Machine Control Interface to your recorders creates a full-featured dubbing console monitor system. The Record Paddles and their associated Direct/Playback Paddles can operate individually or in user assigned groups. Flexibility and enhancement when you're ready for it.

Whether formatting a multi-channel mix, or monitoring several submixes or stems simultaneously, ForMAX makes it a snap. Combine MultiMAX with the power and control of ForMAX and you have a superior "picture mixing" solution that costs far less than the competition.

ForMAX is just the next step in Martinsound's ongoing commitment to surround sound solutions. Whatever your surround sound problem, give us a call. We are here to surround you with support.

Technical Specifications
INPUT: 6 inputs (8 channels each) are provided, 3 of which are direct, 3 are playback. Any channel can be either playback or direct, but not both.

Input impedance is 40 K ohms balanced. Max input level > +26 dBu.

METER OUTPUT: Three outputs (8 channels each) are provided, that follow the direct/playback switching reflecting the input to the 24 x 8 reassign matrix.

Output impedance is 100 ohms balanced. Max output level > +26 dBu. THD+N < 0.005% / 1 kHz.

AUDIO OUTPUT: One output (8 channels) for the buffered output of the reassign matrix.

Output impedance is 100 ohms balanced. Max output level > +26 dBu. THD+N < 0.005% / 1 kHz.

ELECTRICAL: Power supply is internal. Inlet is standard 3 pin IEC w/ power switch and fuse holder. Power consumption < 20W. Can be internally configured for 230 VAC/50 Hz operation. Standard operation is 115 VAC +/- 10%, 60Hz.

MAX Cables are professional molded Tascam format analog interface cables make installation of MAX products a snap.

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