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Audition or Verify 
Proper LFE 
Surround 0.1 LFE Filter
Audition the effect of digital encoders on the LFE channel or use as a LFE record filter. This seventh order low- pass filter is as close as you will get to digital brick-wall filtering in the analog world. 
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LFE filter for recording and monitoring applications. 
FilterMAX, a standalone version of the LFE filter in ManagerMAX, can be used for recording and monitoring applications. Aligned to match the LFE filter found in digital encoders, FilterMAX allows one to check the correlation of post-encoded LFE content to the main audio channels when mixing. The 7th order elliptical type filter employs a frequency-dependent negative resistor ladder that uses active parts to replace the traditional LCR circuit. This advanced topology is preferred in high order filters due to its low sensitivity to variations in component values, while exhibiting minimal ripple (+/-1dB)with fantastic cut-off. Enhanced circuitry delivers low distortion with 22dB of headroom, a signal- to-noise ratio greater than 100dB,and dynamic range in excess of 120dB. And the unique patented balanced input circuit maintains high common-mode rejection even with sources that cause other transformerless designs to exhibit poor rejection. 

Designed in conjunction with the TMH Corporation and Tomlinson Holman, the architect of the TMH Qualified standard, FilterMAX is one of a series of affordable TTMH Qualified modular units, each designed for a specific application. Whether used singly, cascaded together using the six-channel link connectors, or complementing other MAX products, these compact 1U half-rack units will extend the capabilities or your its existing production system, allowing you to diversify and attract more business. So, whether you require a specific standalone solution or want to increase the capabilities of a comprehensive music recording, post production, or broadcast surround sound system, TMH Qualified MAX products help you preserve your existing investment. 

TMH Qualified MAX Overview |
Download PDF
An overview  of the benefits and features of ManagerMAX, BalancerMAX, MicroPannerMAX, FilterMAX and CheckMAX . 

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