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An important client wants you to do a surround sound project. Can you say yes, or is your current production system not up to the challenge? Before you say no, or spend a fortune upgrading, you should learn the secret of providing surround services using your existing equipment. The Martinsound MAX solutions are the cost effective way to add the missing multichannel panning, formatting, monitoring, and metering that are essential to surround sound production. Contact us today and say yes to surround clients!

MultiMAX EX Add multi-format surround sound monitoring to your console or workstation.

ForMAX Monitor multiple stems or premixes conformed to any format. Store setups for instant changeovers between surround projects.

PanMAX Automated multi-format surround panner with stereo source panning, proprietary surround divergence, and joystick remote.

MonitorMAX Add stereo monitor and cue control with talkback to your workstation, mixer or MultiMAX. 

RecordistMAX Multi-stem Monitoring for the machine room tech with offline alignment.

VuMAX These VU meters provide metering of the reference monitoring level that surround demands. 

MAX Cables Professional molded Tascam format analog interface cables make installation of MAX products a snap. 

TMH Qualified MAX Surround Solutions 
Surround building blocks created by Tomlinson Holman, architect of the TMH Qualified standard.

ManagerMAX Bass Management that optimizes the transition from your main monitors to the subwoofer.

BalancerMAX Converts six channels of consumer level I/O to professional +4  balanced inputs and outputs. 

MicroPannerMAX Add this three-knob surround panner to your existing console. 

FilterMAX LFE filter audition the effect of digital encoders on the LFE channel. Makes a great LFE record filter too.

CheckMAX Easy to use surround setup test tapes verify and test system calibration, speaker location, and other parameters.

Learn how to MAXimize 
MAX products are designed to augment your current stereo mixing and monitoring systems with surround sound features. Get our free Surround Sound Secrets Report and learn how you can do surround projects with your existing production equipment by adding multichannel capabilities. Whatever your needs, whatever your budget, MAXimize your current pro audio investment and secure your future by making the transition to surround with Martinsound MAX solutions!

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