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Flying Faders Overview

Flying Faders Overview

Overviews are brief descriptions of benefits and features. You may read the text version below or download a PDF which is identical to the glossy printed Overview in our literature rack.

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The Leading Moving Fader Automation System

Get more out of your existing console
Flying Faders takes a great analog console and makes it even better. At a time when digital consoles lack any uniform standards and sampling rates are in a state of transition, Flying Faders enables you to extend the life of your current investment while gaining the most sought-after, comprehensive and easiest-to-use automation system available.

The 'Just Mix' Design Philosophy
Simplicity of use, powerful features and a user interface that doesn't get in the way of the creative process are the key elements that keep Flying Faders on the cutting edge of console automation technology. Flying Faders enjoys greater acceptance and user loyalty than any other system. The intuitive user interface enables mix engineers to stay completely in tune with their mix.

Professionals Demand the Best
And the best is Flying Faders. Hundreds of studios enjoy increased revenues and a proven ability to attract and keep quality customers. With Flying Faders, you'll enjoy lower operating costs, attract more bookings and enhance your facility's reputation. With the backing of Martinsound, your facility will have access to a comprehensive range of innovative enhancements and world-class technical support that will extend your success even further. Bottom line – Flying Faders is your key to enhanced profitability.

"Before we installed Flying Faders, we were booked about 60%. Now we're at 100%."
Jimmy Sloan, Manager of King Sound

The 'Just Mix' Design Philosophy
You want automation because it brings a level of consistency and accuracy to your mixes that you can't possibly obtain without it. But other automation packages force you to jump through hoops to get there. Not with Flying Faders. Our 'Just Mix' design philosophy is focused entirely on making your job easier - enabling you to do your best work without the normal hassles associated with automation.
The Flying Faders user interface is intuitive and enables you to get up to speed quickly. Key operating modes reside directly on the fader panel – right where you need them. At the touch of the RUN key, you're ready to 'Just Mix'! As an analog automation system, Flying Faders provides unparalleled accuracy for your mix. The fader's scale is divided into 4,096 digital steps – ensuring perfect analog to digital and digital to analog conversion of your most subtle moves. All levels are stored to the nearest 1/10th dB, providing unsurpassed precision of recording and playback for all fader moves.

"I looked at other systems, but for my clients it was Flying Faders or don't bother. Besides, it's so easy to use. You just mix."
Ted Greenberg, Big Zone

Exceptional Features from the Leaders in Automation Technology
Flying Faders' exceptional reputation starts with the finest design. We begin with a P&G conductive plastic fader coupled with a high torque motor assembly for lightening fast moves. Requiring no more maintenance than ordinary faders, Flying Faders feel great and are built to stay that way. We also use a Fibre Optic interface to connect the system's card cage to the Flying Faders computer. Fibre optics ensures that the system retains the highest level of data integrity while minimizing ground loops and digital interference on your sensitive audio signals.
The ability to automatically null all faders (or an individual fader) back to the original pass position is one of Flying Faders truly revolutionary features. So ditch the tape and markers, simply press the fader's MATCH™ button and you're back to where you started. To null the entire console, MASTER MATCH™ does the trick. You can even define the Match Glide Time, giving you the ability to obtain your null position at a snail's pace or breakneck speed! If you prefer to null the fader manually, you'll certainly appreciate the visual assistance provided by the Over and Under MATCH LEDs.
With Flying Faders, you get tight, click-free, push button muting that lets you mute whenever you want – not just when the track is quiet. The mute function utilizes an opto-isolator, ensuring silent operation no matter how quiet the track or how many channels are muted simultaneously. Mutes record and playback to 1/4 frame accuracy and can be edited at the individual channel or "offline" using the computer's user interface.

The Right Tools for the Job
The Flying Faders TRIM mode enables you to adjust the gain structure of any selected number of channels either during the mix or "offline". TRIM can even be set to operate between pre-set timecode points. You'll find this is a great feature for reducing levels overall, or for making relative changes without disturbing the dynamics of the underlying mix.
For grouping faders together, Flying Faders offers two independent methods for accomplishing this all-important task. Defined as LINKS, the system provides the ability to move any fader in the group while the rest follow. By using VCA-style GROUPS, the slave faders can be moved independently of the master. Any fader can be the designated GROUP MASTER while slaves can be masters for sub-groups – providing an incredibly flexible means for controlling large mixes.

"We got one of the very first systems, ten years ago. We went to a demo at Martinsound. It took about three hours to decide it was the system we wanted. It wouldn't take that long now."
Ed Wong, owner of Groovemasters – two systems

Flying Faders remembers all your moves
Flying Faders is the only automation system built on a database that writes data only when a new event occurs. This method of event tracking yields greater accuracy and speed, as it is not encumbered with redundant data. This unique design characteristic is also a key factor in the system's ability to offer unlimited UNDO and COMPARE functions.
Flying Faders stores each and every move of each and every pass in its high-speed RAM memory – ready for instant replay. Not only do you have instant access to the last pass, but also to as many previous passes as you want. Before the tape can even STOP, your pass is stored in the database and ready for updating. Hit PLAY and the faders are moving! You can archive to either hard disk or floppy.

Mode Controls Where You Want Them
Fader modes can be set locally at the fader or globally using the GLOBAL MASTER module. You can set any fader or mute to any mode, anytime and without restrictive "Change Mode Now" messages. There's even a provision to lock selected faders or mutes in SAFE mode, whereby others won't modify the moves you've created.
Flying Faders also provides an exceptional video display interface that runs under Microsoft Windows. Controlled via either a mouse or trackball, the system provides a comprehensive feature set that includes Labels, Lists, Timecode Options, Data Merge, Copy and Erase plus the ability to Keep, Load or Delete mixes.

"We have four of the top mix rooms in the world. We have four systems. I think that says it all."
Paul Camaratta, Owner of Sunset Sound

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