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Neve VR with 72 channels of Flying Faders - The Village Studio D

NEW! Flying Faders II Features Overview

Your customers know what moving fader automation system they want to use. If you ask them, the most likely response is "Flying Faders". Designed from the ground up to be powerful and easy to use, Flying Faders is the Just Mix moving fader automation system. And check out how the ACX automated console expander can help you book additional sessions by easily adding more Flying Faders channels to your existing console.

Flying Faders Overview| Download PDF

Flying Faders ACX Overview | Download PDF

Ask Your Customers
Consider your customers' preferences when choosing a moving fader automation system.

Maximize Your Existing Console
by Greg Thompson
Attract more business and increase your profit by extending the functionality of your existing console.

Flying Faders: The Untold Story
by Joe Martinson
The development of Flying Faders. Key events, insights, and people that shaped the leading moving fader automation system.

Just Mix
by Shawn Micheal
Bad design makes ugly technology. How our 'Just Mix' philosophy makes Flying Faders a joy to use.

Handle Bigger Projects
Expanding your existing system. Detailed description of ACX features, and integrating ACX with your F
lying Faders.

King Sound
"Before we installed Flying Faders, we were booked about 60%. Now we're at 100%."
Jimmy Sloan, manager

Big Zone
"I looked at other systems, but for my clients it was Flying Faders or don't bother. Besides, it's so easy to use. You just mix."
Ted Greenberg, owner

"We got one of the very first systems, ten years ago. We went to a demo at Martinsound. It took about three hours to decide it was the system we wanted. It wouldn't take that long now."
Ed Wong, owner of two systems

Sunset Sound
"We have four of the top mix rooms in the world. We have four systems. I think that says it all."
Paul Camaratta, owner

The Village
How The Village uses Flying Faders ACX

NAB 2000 - Las Vegas Press Release
Martinsound Announces Flying Faders Sales & Demonstrates Automated Console Expander

24 Sep 99 Press Release
Martinsound & Flying Faders: Together Again

9 Sep 99 Press Release
Spotlighting The 'Just Mix' Design Philosophy

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