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Audio Horizons
New Ideas In Professional Audio From Martinsound

Audio Horizons Spring 2003 (4 page PDF 344k)
AH 2002 Spring Featuring articles on Flying Faders II announcement, savings with MultiMAX EXR, No Hassle Hits and Surround Secrets Reports and MAX Surround Cables introduction.
Audio Horizons Spring 2002 (4 page PDF 141k)
AH 2002 Spring Featuring articles on MonitorMAX, PanMAX and the new TMH qualified BalanceMAX that simplifies interface and ManagerMAX that does bass management right.

Audio Horizons Spring 2001 (4 page PDF 250k)
AH 2001 Spring Featuring articles on surround sound, Flying Faders ACX, O'Henry's Sound Studios, and Castle Oaks.
Audio Horizons Fall 2000 (8 page PDF 975k)
AH 2000 Fall Featuring articles on surround products including PanMAX, MultiMAX and downmixing, Natural Sound, Al Schmitt and the MSS-10, Flying Faders and Cherokee Studios. Joe Martinson discusses whether analog is dead.
  Audio Horizons Spring 2000 (8 page PDF 825k)

AH 2000 Spring

Featuring articles on automation products, including Audiomate and the ACX automated console expander, EMT upgrades, Neotek consoles, realism vs accuracy in audio, and more.
  Audio Horizons Fall 1999 (12 page PDF 520k)
AH 1999 Fall

Featuring articles on declining quality in the audio industry, development of the MSS-10 natural mic preamp, how to enhance your existing console with Flying Faders, Audiomate, ACX automated console expander, and more.


  Audio Horizons 1999 NAB Special (4 page PDF 230k)
AH 1999 NAB Featuring articles on adding surround sound monitoring and resettable formatting to your facility, user comments about the MSS-10 natural mic preamp, and more.

  Audio Horizons Fall 1998 (12 page PDF 680k)
AH 1998 Fall Featuring articles on hard-to-use audio products, why Flying Faders and the MSS-10 natural mic preamp make your job easier, and more.

  Audio Horizons Fall 1997 (12 page PDF 720k)
AH 1997 Fall Featuring articles on declining service in the audio industry, maximizing your existing console, expanding your business with film-style surround monitoring, asking your customers about automation, and more.

  To view these documents you will need at least v4.0 of Adobe's Acrobat Reader. Reader and plug-ins for all platforms are available free from Adobe.

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