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Written by Martinsound staff, these articles originally appeared in other publications, including: our newsletter Audio Horizons, and distributions to the Flying Faders Users' Group.

Ask Your Customers
Consider your customers' preferences when choosing a moving fader automation system.

Maximize Your Existing Console
by Greg Thompson
Attract more business and increase your profit by extending the functionality of your existing console.

Flying Faders: The Untold Story
by Joe Martinson
The development of Flying Faders. Key events, insights, and people that shaped the leading moving fader automation system.

Just Mix
by Shawn Micheal
Bad design makes ugly technology. How our 'Just Mix' philosophy makes Flying Faders a joy to use.

Handle Bigger Projects
by Dale Manquen
Expanding your existing system. Detailed description of ACX features, and integrating ACX with your F
lying Faders.

Natural Sound
Natural Sound Methodology
by Shawn Micheal
Critical listening is the key to knowing when it's right.

Deliver Awesome Sounds
by Shawn Micheal
Industry giants are using MSS-10s on their sessions. The natural sounding mic preamp is also an AES TEC Award nominee.

MSS-10 Eases Tracking and Mixing
How the natural sound of the MSS-10 makes tracking and mixing

Surround Sound
A VU On Downmixing - Free Report
by Shawn Micheal
A free Report looks at the pitfalls and challenges of downmixing.

RecordistMAX For Machine Rooms
A machine room monitoring controller for motion picture and video post production studios.

Reach For Your Surround Potential
by Steve Harvey
Martinsound’s retrofit surround monitoring products offer a smooth and cost-effective upgrade path to powerful film style systems.

Add Surround Sound To Your Facility
by Joe Martinson
Surround sound monitoring is a challenge for audio facilities of all kinds. MultiMAX can be used for film and TV production, recording studios, mastering, digital TV distribution networks, product QC, and multimedia and game production.

ForMAX Flops Formats Fast
by Shawn Micheal
ForMAX gives you instant recall of formats, setups, and reassignments. Remote control options create a full featured dubbing console monitor system.

Control Your World
by Dale Manquen
Our Recorder Monitor does it better than build-it-yourself solutions and you won't tie up your technical staff now that an off-the-shelf product is available. (RMS has been renamed RecordistMAX)

MultiMAX and Surround Sound Profits
by Steve Harvey
How MultiMAX overcomes the limitations of your existing console and enables confident production of surround sound mixes in many different formats.

Each MultiMAX Is Rigorously Tested
The testing system was designed and built to thoroughly test each and every MultiMAX we ship.

Do Surround Projects
by Craig Connally
Use your existing console for surround sound projects. The key is controlling LCRS, 7.1, 5.1 and other monitor setups using MultiMAX.

PanMAX Delivers Surround Panning
Martinsound’s new automated surround panner allow engineers to make sophisticated and repeatable dynamic motion and parameter changes in any type of audio production.

Martinsound's Founding Father
by Joe Martinson
Story of a great Dad who supported his son and pro audio.

Is Service Dead?
by Joe Martinson
Everyone makes mistakes. The difference between good and bad service is what they do about it.

Is Productivity Dead?
by Joe Martinson
A pro audio product's features must be easy to use to be considered a benefit.

Is Quality Audio Dead?
by Joe Martinson
Technical quality standards are on the decline in pro audio. Martinsound believes high quality audio is worth the effort it takes to achieve.

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