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"Product development here at Martinsound is an all-consuming passion. Three ideals motivate everything we do in our effort to help you stand out.

Just Mix, Natural Sound and Maximize

Just Mix means a transparent user interface. A system so well designed that after a short learning curve its operation requires very little attention. Natural Sound means the beauty and excitement of the original is unmolested by the coloration and artifacts that plague even the best tube and discrete gear. Maximize means that our products are designed to enhance what you currently own. Our relentless pursuit of these ideals has produced some truly phenomenal products. How good are they? We invite you to judge for yourself.  So take some time with the information on this site, then contact us. We listen to our pro audio customers and want to include you among them."

Ask your clients what moving fader automation system they want. They will most likely say
Flying Faders. It's powerful, but so easy to use, you Just Mix. Flying Faders is the perfect retrofit for classic analog consoles, and when it's time to expand, Flying Faders ACX is the no-brainer solution. For facilities with more than one Flying Faders system, an ACX is incredibly economical.

Have you heard the natural sound of your mics? Not unless you use an
MSS-10. Even the best tube and discrete preamps color and smear the fine details and energy of live artistic performances before you even hear them. The MSS-10 has earned raves from critics and legendary engineers alike. It goes beyond tube or discrete sound into a whole new category; Natural Sound.

Surround sound is an exciting new world of multiple formats, emerging standards and technical pitfalls. Moving to surround may keep your current customers satisfied and attract new business, but it can be very expensive.  Our cost effective
MAX Surround Solutions help you transition to this multi-format future using your current equipment. Our expanding line of surround solutions provide a smooth upgrade path that will keep you on the cutting edge as your surround business grows.  So MAXimize your console or workstation today by adding just the monitoring, formatting, metering, interface and panning features you need to do surround sound production.  

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