Tech Bulletin #3


Seagate ST- MFM Drives

Oct 20, 1998

\ We have not had a source to recommend for the Seagate ST-225 20 MB and ST-251 40 MB MFM hard drives used in the early Flying Faders systems. (MFM is a family of drives that use Modified FM encoding in the recording process.) Robert Preston at Reflection Sound recently brought to my attention a company in Valencia, CA named Valtron. They repair/rebuild/refurbish a wide variety of hard drives. The Seagate drives are available outright for $45 with a 1 year warranty and typically overnight availability.

Let the buyer beware! Although these drives are a suitable fix for a broken system, these are not new drives. Valtron runs the drives through a sequence of tests to verify conformance to the manufacturer's spec, but the repair/refurbishing process does not guarantee 'like new' life. But what would you expect for only $45?? And Reflection Sound is back on the air.

Valtron Technologies 800 282-5876 Ryan at 805 294-6355

And no, we have never been successful in changing the Hewlett Packard ES-12 computers from MFM to IDE. Sorry about that!! This is why a source for replacement MFM drives is important.

Robert's symptom, by the way, was a growling of the spindle bearings, indicating imminent bearing failure. He took care of the problem before everything froze up.


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