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Is There Life After 12/31/99??


\ Several users have inquired about what will happen with Flying Faders at the Year 2000 rollover. The following useful information is from an AMS Neve bulletin entitled "Millennium Compatibility and AMS Neve Equipment" with notes added by [Martinsound]. As you will see, only minor inconveniences will result.

General Operation
All AMS Neve systems will handle the transition across the millennium boundary without problem. The systems do not use the date in any operation which affects the audio, signal processing or throughput. Consequently, all systems will continue to operate during the transition from the year 1999 to the year 2000 without any noticeable effects.

File Date Stamping
The Year 2000 will only cause problems with Flying Faders in regard to the date displayed on the system for files created after the millennium.

The suggested workarounds are:

Flying Faders
Flying Faders will cope with the year 2000, but has some minor problems.

1. MS-DOS 3.3 cannot set the date. Although it displays the date as mm-dd-yy, and correctly advances from 99 to 00, MS-DOS [3.3] refuses to accept an input of mm-dd-00 to the DATE command. If you need to set the date after 1999, then you have to use the CMOS SETUP feature of the PC.

Hewlett Packard ES-12 and QS-16S - Use the SETUP program, on the Install disk 1/1. Just change the date, and allow the program to re-boot your PC.

(Other computers - Use the built-in Setup (Hit DEL during boot-up.)

[Note from Martinsound: Flying Faders Systems running DOS 6.22 on non-V/Recall Flying Faders systems can set the internal date properly with the MS-DOS 6.22 DATE command; however, Neve Recall is not compatible with DOS 6.22. The following problems will still exist in Flying Faders with DOS 6.22.]

2. The "Show Date/Time" feature under the SYSTEM menu, shows the Date & Time incorrectly (12:00 1st Jan 1970). [This data is not used in the operation of Flying Faders.]

3. MS-DOS shows the dates of files as 00 rather than 2000. However, as time began for MS-DOS in 1970, the earliest file will be 01-01-70, so there will be no ambiguity. [The earliest Flying Faders file would be from December 1988.]

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