General Bulletin #1


Martinsound ACX


\ This is the first communication from the Flying Faders Users' Group in quite a while. Thanks to the new Microsoft Office 97 changes to the e-mail programs, I have had the 'fortunate opportunity' to completely redo all of my e-mail addresses and the method for group mailings. Since the Users' Group list is now over 100 names, this was no small task.

This notice is primarily to check the list. (About 10% of your addresses change from mailing to mailing.) At the same time, I wanted to pass along information on Flying Faders and the infamous Millennium Bug. The current versions of Flying Faders will not crash and burn while we are celebrating New Years 2000. Our thanks to AMS Neve for this information.

In the near future, I hope to provide more information regarding interfacing the Martinsound Flying Faders ACX sidecar with Neve V Series consoles. Both John Musgrave at MAD Labs and Martinsound have interface cards for injecting signals into the console buses. The ACX design has also been improved to add a 'loop through' capability that permits selectively patching the console buses through the ACX at the tail end at the Bus Out patchpoints rather than injecting the ACX at the head end directly into the Multitrack, Aux and Mix buses. This added flexibility, combined with the stand-alone use of the ACX bus outputs, permits a wide range of options, including quickly moving the ACX to a different bus bank or using the ACX Aux Buses as 4 more independent Aux outputs.

I will also be updating the list of new customers in our group, including a Flying Faders system with 118 moving faders in the console.




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