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MSS-10 Eases Tracking and Mixing

Article summary: How the natural sound of the MSS-10 makes tracking and mixing easier.

Featured in Audio Horizons Fall 1999 PDF 520k| Newsletter List
MSS-10 product information

The Martech MSS-10 microphone preamp is another prime example of the Martinsound Just Mix design philosophy. The MSS-lO earned its Natural Sound description as a result of many months of evaluation and extensive listening tests down to component level.

It has been designed with a sonic neutrality and resolution that earned it a nomination for the 1998 TEC Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement. But what it offers in practical terms is a microphone preamp that takes the hassle out of recording.

We have produced a report on the MSS-lO and Natural Sound. It presents Martinsound's Natural Sound and Just Mix philosophies and demonstrates how they converge in the MSS-lO mic preamp to simplify the engineer's job at every stage of the recording process. The report explains why the unique natural sound and musicality of the MSS-lO have made it a favorite of many world class engineers and mixers.

To understand more about how the MSS-lO can make a difference to your next session, contact Martinsound and we'll send you a copy of our report, entitled How the MSS-lO Takes the Hassle Out of Tracking and Mixing.

Engineers are discovering that during both tracking and mixing they no longer have to waste time correcting the sound of a mic preamp that introduces its own character and coloration to the source being recorded. They have discovered that the naturalness and lack of coloration of the Martech MSS-lO makes their job much easier and allows them to concentrate on the big picture.

One such engineer who has discovered how Natural Sound and the MSS-lO can make a huge difference is Andy Smith. Smith has four MSS-lOs which he has been using on the new Paul Simon studio project and for the recording of the recent extensive, nationwide collaborative tour by Simon and Bob Dylan. The MSS-lOs have been used extensively throughout both recording projects, particularly on the recording of Simon's and Dylan's vocals and guitars. Look for more information from Martinsound on these projects when they are completed.

Smith is a relative newcomer to the MSS-lO , as is Ricky Lawson. Lawson is a drummer, producer and engineer based in southern California. A founding member of the Yellowjackets, Lawson left the band for a busy career as a session drummer with artists like Stevie Wonder, George Benson and Paul McCartney, and has also toured with Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins and Steely Dan. Lawson uses his MSS-lOs in his project studio, and plans to utilize them on the forthcoming Kenny G album sessions and a Steely Dan PBS special planned for late 1999. We'll be bringing you Ricky's comments on how the MSS-lO has taken the hassle out of recording for him in our next newsletter.

Legendary engineer Al Schmitt uses the MSS-lO all the time to capture the sound of world class artists. Ask him what he thinks of the MSS-lO and he'll tell you, "I have certain preamps that I like a lot: I use the Martech a lot." Schmitt describes the performance of the MSS-lO as "killer" and "fabulous."

A 7-time Grammy Award winner and inductee into the 1997 TEC Awards Hall of Fame, Schmitt has used the MSS-lO on vocals, individual instruments, and on orchestras and choirs. He has used the MSS-lO to record Vince Gill, Johnny Mathis, Diana Krall and Monica Mancini. He has recorded Johnny Mandel's orchestra with MSS-lOs and he has used them on scoring sessions for movies like Hope Floats.

Another big fan of the MSS-lO is renowned producer, engineer and mixer Bruce Botnick. Botnick has put his Martech MSS-lOs to work on many scoring sessions, including the animated motion picture Mulan, Small Soldiers, and The 13th Warrior. He has recorded and produced over 60 motion picture soundtracks including Aladdin, Air Force One, L.A. Confidential and E.T. - The Extraterrestrial. Botnick works frequently with composer Jerry Goldsmith on his scoring sessions, and says, "What is important to me is that the musicians like the way the MSS-lO sounds. I like that; it tells me that the tools I am using are good."

The Grammy Award-winning producer has been presented with over two dozen gold and five platinum disks since beginning his career in the early Sixties, when he recorded many successful albums by bands like The Doors, Love, the MC 5 and Neil Young's Crazy Horse.

If you would like to join the distinguished group of engineers, mixers and producers who are discovering how the MSS-lO takes the hassle out of tracking and mixing, please contact us and we'll send you a copy of our report plus detailed information on the Martech MSS-lO microphone preamp. Contact us by phone or fax, or visit our website for further information.

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