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PanMAX Delivers Surround Panning

Dynamic audio greatly enhances the immersive experience of surround sound. PanMAX, Martinsound’s new automated surround panner allow engineers to make sophisticated and repeatable dynamic motion and parameter changes in any type of audio production, including film and video post production, music recording, broadcast and live performance sound.

Many mixing consoles and digital audio workstations offer limited functionality when it comes to multiformat surround sound. Integrated as a powerful standalone surround panning system or as part of a more comprehensive multiformat panning, monitoring and metering package, PanMAX can help you preserve your investment in your studio equipment by adding surround panning functionality to your existing stereo mixing system.

Integrated with any existing 8-bus analog or digital console or workstation, PanMAX provides automated control of multiple standard multichannel audio production formats, from stereo to 8-channel configurations, including Dolby’s Surround Pro Logic and Digital 5.1 formats, SDDS and IMAX PSE. Any format may be automatically translated into any other through a single switch press.

PanMAX provides eight outputs as standard and is expandable up to two stereo input channels from the two-channel base processor, and is configurable with a single remote or multiple remote controllers operating in parallel. The system offers automated control of sound positioning, storing over 24,000 positions in memory and locking to SMPTE timecode to ensure frame-accurate playback.

The remote control unit features three 100mm faders for setting level/vertical, divergence and stereo image width parameters, system control keys and an automated joystick panner. A high-resolution LCD screen indicates all system parameters, including joystick, loudspeaker and fader positions, the selected surround sound format, and SMPTE timecode position, as well as the coordinates of the sound position of the processor. The sound positions of all processors and their respective processor numbers may be shown simultaneously.

PanMAX also offers automated frame-accurate step recording of dynamic sound movements, interpolating between the reference points to produce smooth and continuous sound motion. The system provides user selection of various panning curves, auto-mute when no sound movement is recorded, and an offset function for adjustments against timecode, for example in synchronization with picture actions.

MAX-imize your investment with Martinsound’s MAX family of multichannel, multiformat monitoring, metering and panning solutions. Added in any combination to your existing stereo mixing console or workstation to extend its capabilities, the MAX range allows you to diversify and attract more business without having to totally re-equip.

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