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RecordistMAX For Machine Rooms

Featured in Audio Horizons Spring 2000 PDF 825k | Newsletter List
RecordistMAX product information

Designed as an off-the- shelf solution for motion picture and video post production studios, the RecordistMAX recordist monitor system is a modular rack-mounting, multi-input monitor and switching matrix that provides the machine room technician with programmable alignment, monitoring, metering and track-combining facilities. With the recorders being used on dub stages changing from one project to the next, it's no surprise that facilities like Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, Todd-AO, Disney and 4MC (Four Media Corporation) have installed RecordistMAX in their machine rooms to help with confidence monitoring and quality control.

The 2U base unit accommodates four 8-track recorders and provides monitor selection of recorder inputs, sync outputs and repro outputs, assignable to L and/or R of headphones or stereo loudspeakers, with level, mute and dim controls, and a multi-mode solo system. Expander units may be added to handle up to a total of 16 machines, or 128 tracks, with serial communication between all units allowing distributed placement and roving remote control panels.

RecordistMAX streamlines the alignment process with a built-in programmable digital sinewave and pink noise test generator. Tone injection is a snap, with one-button assignment to each 8-track machine's recorder inputs. The front panel display shows the current frequency or level, or monitor level, depending on the selected mode. Setup frequencies and levels may be memorized, and up to 32 snapshots can be created of the input source selection, and loudspeaker and meter assignments.

Options include a remote and VuMAX, a set of 8 VU meters that may be fed by RecordistMAX's meter buses. The meter buses may additionally be used to drive auxiliary balanced line outputs, allowing track combining for copies and transfers, 8 monitor channels for projector changeover switching, or additional external meters. An oscillator buffer provides a balanced oscillator output even when tones are not being fed to the recorders.

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