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Each MultiMAX Is Rigorously Tested

Article summary: The testing system was designed and built to thoroughly test each and every MultiMAX we ship.

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MultiMAX product information

While MultiMAX was still in development the need was recognized for some means to reliably and quickly test each end product. While there are only 28 front panel switches, internally there are over 100 complementary FET switches controlling 55 inputs and 38 outputs. There are many combinations that belie the intuitive front panel operation. It was obvious that manual testing would require costly testing time, with the potential for testing errors.

What was implemented is a system that requires the technician only to hook up the unit, start the test, and enter the serial number. As the test is running, a report is automatically generated and saved to the system. This historical data also assists in tracking the unit and verifying that component tolerances are being met. Any failures that occur halt the test and the failure is recorded. This allows any repairs to be performed in the future, while not interrupting the testing of other units.

Our testing system consists of an Audio Precision Analyzer (with the Windows Interface) and a custom proprietary signal routing box that communicates with MultiMAX over RS-232 serial lines. Using this system, an entire MultiMAX can be tested in less than 10 minutes (a fraction of the time that would be required to manually perform the tests), with complete confidence in the results. This system has also been designed to be able to test other products such as ForMAX, an input formatting unit.

We perform a wide range of tests on all of the signal paths, including frequency response, THD, noise, maximum input and output levels, and accuracy of the level control and trims.

The internal pink noise generator is then calibrated and checked for flat frequency response. After the unit has passed the audio tests, the hi-pot and ground bond tests are performed to ensure compliance with safety requirements (e.g. UL and CE). We expect our professional audio equipment to excel in all of the above tests.

Thanks to the incredibly detailed testing and conservative design, you can be assured a long trouble-free life from MultiMAX right out of the box and for years to come.

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