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ForMAX Flops Formats Fast

by Shawn Micheal - V.P. Product Development
Shawn has been intimately involved in the development of Flying Faders, MSS-lO, MultiMAX and ForMAX.

Article summary: ForMAX gives you instant recall of formats, setups, and reassignments. Remote control options create a full featured dubbing console monitor system.

Featured in Audio Horizons 1999 NAB Special PDF 230k | Newsletter List
ForMAX product information

If a project comes in the door with a track layout that doesn't conform to your standard, you can rewire or repatch; but what about the client coming in tomorrow?

It's impossible to quickly accomodate non-standard channel assignments and multiple surround formats with connector panels and patchbays. Although some formats have fixed channel assignments, busy facilities need a more flexible way to connect consoles and recorders to MultiMAX.

Recognizing the realities of surround sound facilities, Martinsound introduces ForMAX, a Surround Monitoring Formatter. ForMAX, a companion product to MultiMAX, is a simple and cost effective way to instantly reassign any mix bus, or its associated track, to any of eight monitor positions. With 24 mix bus inputs and 24 recorder return inputs, ForMAX gives you individual Direct/Playback selection for each input of the 24 In by 8 Out crosspoint summing matrix.

Up to five ForMAX units can be connected to Multimax for a total of 120 Direct and 120 Playback inputs! The LCD display shows all of the assignments, as well as providing access to the various Setup Menus. You have the freedom to create, store and instantly recall many different Formats, Reassignments, and Setups.

Adding the optional ForMAX Paddle Switches to your console and the Machine Control Interface to your recorders creates a full featured dubbing console monitor system. The Record Paddles and their associated Direct/Playback Paddles can operate individually or in user assigned groups. Advanced Mute and Solo features are included, providing exceptional functionality.

Whether formatting a multichannel mix, or monitoring several submixes or stems simultaneously, ForMAX makes it a snap. Combine MultiMAX with the power and control of ForMAX and you have a superior ‘picture mixing' solution that costs far less than the competition.

ForMAX is the next step in Martinsound's ongoing commitment to surround sound solutions. Whatever your surround sound problem, give us a call. We are here to surround you with support.

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