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Add Surround Sound To Your Facility

by Joe Martinson  - President
Joe led the MultiMAX team that developed hardware and software that can monitor just about everything.

Article summary: Surround sound monitoring is a challenge for audio facilities of all kinds. MultiMAX can be used for film and TV production, recording studios, mastering, digital TV distribution networks, product QC, and multimedia and game production.

Featured in Audio Horizons 1999 NAB Special PDF 230k | Newsletter List
MultiMAX product information

The 5.1 format seems to be everywhere we turn. Most movies feature 5.1 channel sound, music and music/video disks are now offering 5.1 channels, and Digital TV is struggling with source material and distribution methods for 5.1 channels of sound.

So how do we conveniently control multiple sets of 5 speaker channels plus a subwoofer? And how do we check for compatibility when playing surround material on stereo or mono equipment? The answer is MultiMAX, an incredibly versatile Surround Sound Multformat Monitor Controller.

In film applications MultiMAX offers the ability to monitor up to four of five 8-channel sources. This permits monitoring of the master recorder input or play-back buses and up to 3 stems of dialog, music or effects.

Recording studios are finding MultiMAX to be an instant solution for projects that require surround monitoring. Monitor systems can be quickly assembled and calibrated, and an optional remote control provides the full functionality of MultiMAX at the mixer’s fingertips.

Mastering facilities such as Master Mix in Nashville appreciate the convenience and comprehensive functionality of MultiMAX as they quickly shift from one format to another.

Television networks find the MultiMAX to be very useful in audio post production suites generating surround sound for commercials and programs.

We also expect to see MultiMAX used throughout the TV distribution chain for monitoring decoded mezzanine-level multichannel programming. Other applications of MultiMAX include DVD mastering, product QC and multimedia and game production.

Option for Dolby Surround EX™
Just when we thought the design of MultiMAX was finished, along came the new Dolby surround format that adds a rear center surround channel - Dolby Surround EX™. We now offer an upgrade for MultiMAX that can fully control the additional rear channel. The modifications utilize part of the circuitry that is normally available for the Lc and Rc channels in 7.1 formats. The setup menus allow selection of either Surround EX or 7.1 mode, but not both modes simultaneously.

Euphonix offers MultiMAX
Just before show time Euphonix has announced that MultiMAX will be offered as a factory option on their CS3000, and will be displayed in their booth at NAB.  width=

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