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Do Surround Projects

Article summary: Use your existing console for surround sound projects. The key is controlling LCRS, 7.1, 5.1 and other monitor setups using MultiMAX.

Featured in Audio Horizons Fall 1998 PDF 680k | Newsletter List
MultiMAX product information

You would like to start mixing for DVD release, you don't want to be left behind, but how can you take on a DVD or 5.1 film project without spending a fortune on a costly upgrade? MultiMAX is the easy solution to your surround monitoring dilemma. MultiMAX adds the full spectrum of surround sound features to any console; it even adds advanced film-style features found only in dubbing theaters and on scoring stages. And MultiMAX will pay for itself with your first surround project. MultiMAX began as a redesign of the Neotek Multimedia Module, providing multichannel monitoring facilities for Neotek consoles.

We've added features to satisfy the requirements of professional post production, broadcast production and music recording facilities. MultiMAX now handles all current formats from mono to full bandwidth 8-channel systems. It handles downmixing and bass management. And every function is under microprocessor control for ease of setup and custom configuration. MultiMAX controls two front loudspeaker systems and two surround systems. This makes it easy to add satellite LCR speakers to your existing control room or switch between bipolar and directional surrounds. You can set up for stereo, 4-channel Dolby® ProLogic® Surround, or 5.1 systems including Dolby Digital AC-3, DTS®, and RSP® Circle Surround®. MultiMAX also handles 7.1-channel Sony SDDS® as well as 8-channel IMAX® and theme park systems. It lets you chose stereo nearfields or a small mono speaker, with automatic downmixing when needed.

With MultiMAX, checking for compatibility between formats is simple. You can insert any matrix encode-decode system or processor into your monitor chain with one switch. MultiMAX can be programmed for a variety of processors such as a DS4, SEU4+SDU4, or the complex DS4-E and CP65 combination-even a digital encode-decode system. MultiMAX will allow you to monitor 7.1 recordings as they would be heard on a 5.1 system and it downmixes a stereo output from all surround formats, with mix levels selected according to the AC-3 and MPEG standards.

Bass management is a feature exclusive to MultiMAX. If you don't have a dedicated subwoofer, MultiMAX lets you chose to send the LFE (Low Frequency Effects) channel into your full range L,R monitors. If you are using satellite speakers, you can use your main full range L,R speakers or your subwoofer for LFE. MultiMAX lets you switch its 80Hz low pass filter into the LFE audio path to simulate the filters in digital encoders.

Post production requires accurately calibrated monitors, so we have included a pink noise generator for full range monitors and a limited bandwidth version for limited bandwidth satellite speakers. Each loud-speaker output has a level trim using digitally controlled attenuators rather than VCAs to insure accuracy and sonic quality. When you want to monitor at a non-standard level, MultiMAX gives you precise, front panel gain control across for all speaker outputs with a large, illuminated digital readout, making monitor level changes easy and repeatable.

You can connect MultiMAX to your machine control system for mute during fast wind, or to an intercom system in master control for automatic dim during talkback. You can turn on or solo individual monitor sources to isolate problems before bass management functions. Most importantly, MultiMAX is the only system that allows you to retain your mixing console's solo functions (including mono, stereo, AFL, PFL, and in-place) when working in multichannel surround.

MultiMAX lets you can add post production features to your console and still retain your music recording clients, so you can expand your client base and keep your room fully booked. Film-style post production mixing is made possible with Direct/Playback (PEC/Direct or Tape/Bus) monitoring across all 7.1 channels. Three surround-formatted premixes may be monitored as context mixes through MultiMAX individually or in any combination with the Direct/Playback input, without using up inputs on your console. For music scoring, the reference production dialog track may be mixed into your monitors with its own level control, and you can make a direct stereo recording off the automatic downmix output.

Metering your LCRS, 5.1 or 7.1 levels is another area where MultiMAX offers solutions. MultiMAX gives you a special meter connector so you can add 8 (or 6 with 2 for Lt Rt) dedicated meters of your choice. These meter feeds automatically follow the source being monitored in MultiMAX, including the effects of PEC/Direct switching, selection of premixes (so that you can get an idea of the levels in the final mix), or selection of alternate signals-chores your console's meters are just not up to.

MultiMAX provides a standard of audio performance appropriate to the finest installations, at a price that makes it an affordable option for every facility. It is powerful but simple to operate, and the Tascam-standard connectors make it easy to connect to your existing console. All the front panel functions plus an additional rotary control for the production track level are available on the optional remote. Call and order one today. MultiMAX will immediately upgrade your facility to have an advanced surround sound monitoring capability and put you confidently in the middle of the most exciting development in professional audio's future.

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