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Maximize Your Existing Console

by Greg Thompson  
Greg started in pro audio at Martinsound in 1977. One of his passions is great audio products.

Article summary: Attract more business and increase your profit by extending the functionality of your existing console.

Featured in Audio Horizons Spring 2000 PDF 825k| Newsletter List

Because we have operated recording studios here at Martinsound for 25 years, we're painfully familiar with the continual tension between being profitable and offering equipment that will attract the best clients. Without question, the console is the most important piece of equipment customers consider when deciding where to work. Many analog consoles are classics, known and loved by customers, but is it time to trade in your tried and true workhorse and go digital? Well before you list your console in the classifieds, here are some things to think about.

Digital formats are evolving rapidly. We have gone from 14 and 16 bit to converters with 20 and 24 bit word size. There are many sample rates including 44.1, 48, 96 and 192kHz, and exciting new formats such as Direct Stream Digital (DSD). Are you going to be able to pick a digital console that will have the formats you need two years from now? And how can you protect yourself against innovative new consoles that are more powerful than current products at a dramatically lower cost? Your analog console doesn't care about sample rates, word size or new formats. It can work with many different formats at the same time without inflicting a lot of brain damage.

You could get a small digital console and plan to trade up in a few years, but size does matter. Little consoles just don't have the drawing power of a big analog console. Some digital consoles radiate digital noise that can effect other equipment and degrade sonics. Not only will your analog console protect you while digital technologies continue to change, many engineers find that having dedicated controls for each function make analog consoles easier to use. Your analog console is probably paid for, too.

Martinsound offers three compelling and profitable ways to maximize the analog console you have built your business on: Retrofit moving fader automation, outboard surround monitoring and formatting, and outboard mic preamps. Flying Faders is our 'Just Mix' moving fader automation system that, when retrofitted to a console, has a proven track record of attracting more sessions at a higher rate. Our ACX automated console expander lets you book sessions that need more automated channels than your console has. MultiMAX is an inexpensive multiformat, multi-speaker controller that replaces your console's monitor section so you can attract surround sound customers. ForMAX makes post production work easy by adding monitor reformatting to your console. VuMAX works with MultiMAX or ForMAX to add surround metering to your console. Our Martech MSS-10 mic preamp replaces your console's preamp in a way no other tube or discrete preamp can. It allows you to capture natural mic sounds that greatly reduce the time and effort required to make tracks work in the mix.

Martinsound shares the values that made you successful. Our products and services help you stand out with your customers by offering them what they want without sacrificing your profitability.

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