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Ask Your Customers

Article summary: Consider your customers' preferences when choosing a moving fader automation system.

Featured in Audio Horizons Spring 2000 PDF 825k | Newsletter List
Flying Faders Product Information

If you've been considering what automation system to add to your console this is for you. Do you want to know which system to buy? Ask your customers.

You can talk to as many manufacturers and dealers as you want but the fact of the matter is they won't be booking time at your studio. And if you make the wrong choice no one will be booking time at your studio. An exaggeration, perhaps, but you certainly won't attract any new customers if you make the wrong decision.

If you cheap out and buy a 'budget' system your customers will continue to book time at studios with more professional systems. No one has the time to sit around while your system loses mixes, locks up, crashes or has to be re-booted. Confidence in the system quickly goes out the door – followed by your customers.

Chances are, if you are considering adding automation and attracting more mix business you probably have a good analog console deserving of an upgrade. It may even be a classic. A console like that deserves the best, which means there is only one choice: Flying Faders.

Flying Faders, the 'Just Mix' system, is the most requested motorized fader system in use worldwide, with an installed base of AMS Neve, API, Focusrite, Helios, MCI, Neotek, SSL, Trident and vintage Rupert Neve-manufactured consoles located in many countries. And the reason that many of them chose Flying Faders is because they asked their customers.

Ted Greenberg, co-owner of Big Zone Recording near Philadelphia, considered alternative budget systems when upgrading his vintage API console, but after asking the producers and mixers who booked time at his studio he discovered that "for my clients it was Flying Faders or don't bother. Besides, it's so easy to use. You just mix."

Jim Sabella, owner of Sabella Recording near New York City, has the same story: "I checked with the producers and engineers who have been working in my room. It was the only system mentioned."

Doug Cronin at Harbor Sound and Video had a similar experience: "Since I had decided to go with a classic console [a Neve 8068], because my customers told me that's what they wanted, I asked, 'What kind of automation?' The answer was Flying Faders."

Steve Albini is an engineer and producer who is well known in alternative music circles. While deciding what automation should be fitted to the new Neotek Elite II in his Electrical Audio studios in Chicago he looked at the available options. "It was the only system that had any impact on my clients," he says. Rick Bench at Benchmark in Burbank, California, adds, "We have a custom, hybrid 80 Series Neve desk. It was the only logical choice."

As soon as Flying Faders is installed you will begin to see results. Jimmy Sloan, manager of King Sound in Los Angeles, quickly saw an increase in bookings: "We are a classic API room. Before adding Flying Faders we were about 60% booked. Now we're 100%."

And it is not just single room facilities that are choosing Flying Faders. If you add a second room you will most likely want to add another Flying Faders system; and another, and another. Dino Elephante, co-owner of The Sound Kitchen, located near Nashville and the largest music recording facility in the southeast, states, "I have four rooms with Flying Faders. I give my customers what they want." Paul Camaratta, owner of the legendary Sunset Sound in Los Angeles, also has multiple systems: "We have four of the top mix rooms in the world. We have four systems. I think that says it all."

Find out more about how Martinsound's 'Just Mix' automation system will extend the life of your console and increase your bookings by mailing the Reader Response, phoning, or by visiting our website. You can also join the Flying Faders Users' Group to receive regular news and information bulletins.

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